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AquaTouch aquarium service

AquaTouch Service

AquaTouch Service

Maintenance & Care

Arizona's premier aquarium shop is pleased to offer personalized maintenance service for your aquarium.

AquaTouch aquarium service

Unlike the typical service company that is out in the field all day working from their garage or a small warehouse, with AquaTouch you get the resources of a complete aquarium company at your disposal including multiple staff aquarists, quarantine & biology specialists, laboratory services, system design specialists, and much more!

AquaTouch Service

AquaTouch has provided on-site aquarium care to dozens and dozens of firms and individuals throughout the greater Phoenix area.  Our professional technicians are fully trained and familiar with a variety of aquarium types. We can arrange monthly, bi-weekly or weekly visits.  Technicians provide all-inclusive services with extensive attention to detail.   No systems are too large or small.

AquaTouch aquarium service

We tailor our maintenance program to the needs of each client.  


 Our professional technicians can arrange monthly, bi-weekly or weekly visits.   They provide all-inclusive services with extensive attention to detail.  We routinely check water chemistry, animal health, determine water change needs, replace consumable products, replace broken or worn parts when needed and with your approval, top off for evaporation, provide detailed cleaning of the aquarium and cabinetry. 

Vacation Care Package

 Service technicians can even monitor your system while you’re on vacation. We provide email updates, pre portioned foods, and temporary automation for top-off!


We are available to provide a complete review of your existing or future aquarium system. Some of the elements we examine include water chemistry analysis, livestock overview, life support system, electrical system, plumbing design, disease prevention, nutrition, lighting options & more.

Aquarium System Revitalization

Over time, an aquarium can become tired and need a recharge to make it more enjoyable and less of a burden for its owners.  AquaTouch technicians can make a world of difference through a series of cleaning, updates and careful attention to detail.  Here are a couple of before and after cases.


AquaTouch Service AquaTouch Service

The Details

Livestock Guarantee: Free Replacement

If we maintain your aquarium at least once every two weeks, we guarantee the health of any specimens you buy from AquaTouch for 14 days from the day we acclimate it into your aquarium.

Because we quarantine all marine fish specimens before stocking your aquarium, we know that it is healthy, not overly aggressive and eating properly. We ask that no other service company or individuals other than owners perform maintenance activities including water changes on the aquarium while we are providing service.

AquaTouch Service


AquaTouch is fully insured for both your protection and ours.  We accept responsibility for things we can control, but not for things we cannot.  AquaTouch and its staff are not to be held responsible nor shall we be held liable for problems, damages, death, or injury arising from faulty equipment or for the equipment itself. This includes but is not limited to: the aquarium, aquarium stands, lights, lighting fixtures, pumps, heaters, filters, home or office furnishings or building structures.  Water and electricity are a deadly mix and it is the sole responsibility of the aquarium owner to provide adequate protection for children, and other persons, including themselves from the dangers of electrocution. Many aquarium additives are toxic and should be kept out of reach of children and pets.  In no way will AquaTouch or its staff be held responsible be it otherwise written or implied for harm becoming another resulting from circumstances outside of our control. AquaTouch and its staff will also not be held responsible for any fish/invertebrate deaths due to factors beyond our control and also resulting from the incompatibility between certain species or tank mates.

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Key Features of Our Service

No Contract

Tailored to Your Needs

Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, One-time
Your Choice

Detailed Analysis so You Will Know What was Done With Each

Water Chemistry
Livestock Checks
Equipment Checks
Water Changes

Biologist on Staff

Expertly Trained and Experienced Technicians

Fully Insured


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AquaTouch service

AquaTouch Service

AquaTouch Service

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