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International Plant Contest

Popular Freshwater Fish 

Albino Pristella Tetra

Electric Blue Ram 
Endler's Livebearer (M)

Dwarf Kribensis

White Cloud Minnow

Nature Aquariums

Beginning in the late 1990's, Mr. Takashi Amano of Japan developed the Nature Aquarium. ". . . a concept of the planted aquarium hobby, and it combines the plant layout techniques, and creation of the natural ecosystem in a confined space of the aquarium."  This concept leads to a tranquil and harmonious aquarium.

Our Asian style freshwater planted aquariums create a diverse ecosystem with an emphasis on tropical aquatic plants.  Much of the equipment we use for them is designed to maximize efficiency while including an element of style.  AquaTouch stocks a full line of supplies for Fresh Water Planted systems. We are also available for custom layout consultations and system installations.

We have in excess of 1,800 gallons of freshwater capacity in 33 display aquariums


The design, layout and care of Nature Aquariums has been a key part of AquaTouch's philosophy and business for over 10 years.  Key staff members have participated in training at ADA headquarters in Japan.

ADA sponsors the annual International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest which allows aquarists to compete in aquarium layout, plant selection and aquarium care.  AquaTouch staff members have previously entered their personal aquariums in this contest and have scored very well.  The contest requires entrant to set aquascape an aquarium with key attention to details, artistic interpretation and science.  Once the aquarium is established, a photograph is submitted for judging at the end of May with results announced in late summer.  If you are interested in learning more, please click the banner near the top of this page or the contest logo at the left.

Popular Aquatic Plants

Ammania Gracilis

Fissidens Geppi

Mini Pellia

Mini Rose Moss

Taiwan Aquatic Fern

Riccia On Stone

Staurogyne Sp.
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