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Our Story

AquaTouch was founded over 19 years ago with a clear vision to provide leading edge technology, husbandry and aquarium skills for the serious hobbyist and aquarium owner.  Our dedication to the hobby is unmatched and we strive to provide practical advice and information to all aquarium owners. 



Our Team

Since our founding, we focused on acquiring qualified staff that share our passion for the hobby.  In most cases our employees have had previous aquatic experience from their own aquariums or from previous retail or aquarium service employment.  We purposely rely on a relatively small staff to assure that we all have a consistent approach to aquarium keeping and maintain strong client relationships. 

Michael Janes,
Senior Aquatic Biologist

Michael has been a saltwater aquarium hobbyist since 1994 and a professional aquarist with AquaTouch since 1997.  He is a certified SCUBA diver, member of the International Society for Reef Studies, and has published a variety of articles in scientific journals, aquarium magazines, and books.  Michael has given lectures at international conferences and studied coral reef fauna on research dives in Australia, Palau, China, India, Cook Islands, Thailand, Egypt, The Maldives, Malaysia, Israel, Jordan, the Yucatan, and Indonesia.  Michael specializes in soft coral taxonomy and microanatomy.

Joe Martin,
Operations Manager

Joe joined AquaTouch in 2008 when he moved to Phoenix from Colorado.  He has an extensive aquatics background and is strongly motivated by the hobby.  Before coming to AquaTouch he successfully managed an aquarium company in Durango.  Joe has maintained a variety of saltwater and freshwater aquariums over the years. He has also designed many aquarium systems & displays.  Check out any one of our displays and see Joe's artistic skills first hand.

Casey Leonard,
Assistant Manager

AquaTouch aquarium service

Casey joined us from Florida over nine years ago.  He is known for breeding freshwater shrimp and maintains our freshwater plant systems. Casey is an enthusiastic hobbyist who is always available to talk freshwater systems, plants and animals. Recently, Casey has given public presentations on freshwater systems to local clubs and aquarium conferences
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